Virtual Run/Walk

What? Create run, walk or bike team of 1-500 anywhere on earth!
Why? Unforgettable bonding/fitness. Motivate teammates to better health.
How? Choose course, date, goals Jan. – April. Submit stories/results May – Nov.

Optional: dedicate your team to a transplant candidate, recipient or donor. Virtually handing the baton to your next teammate symbolizes the transfer of an organ from donor to recipient.

Supporting 125,000 Americans waiting for organs – priceless.

Begin a fitness program with connection and purpose to

improve bone/muscle/lung/heart/brain/immune function, anxiety/depression, lose weight, more.

Examples (be creative):
1. Family of 4: walk 1 mile, 3x/week to finish GGR (125 miles) in 2 months.
2. Team of 12: walk 1 mile, 3x/week to finish GGR (190 miles) in one month.
    Run 12 miles/week to finish GGR in less than 2 weeks.
3. Organization: 500 walk 1 mile, 3x/week to circle the earth (25,000 miles) in 4 months.
    Run 12 miles/week to circle the earth in 1 month.

Since contributing to a team motivates people to excel and increase productivity, we provide corporate coaching/lectures/virtual programs. Google (seven-time champion) commented that the GGR was a fantastic team building experience by reinforcing values that employees need to create a winning company.


1. GGR Course: 125 or 190 miles. 12 friends (2 vans/unforgettable bonding) enter 24 or 36 leg times.
2. GGR Distance: 125 or 190 miles. choose course (road, trail or track), dates. Enter distances/times.
3. GGR World: choose course (5K-25,000 miles).
4. SF Marathon Course or Distance: 5K, 13.1 or 26.2 miles.


1. Pay team entry ($25/person) January – April.
2. Enter leg distance/finish times May – November.
3. Receive medals, shirts, coaching and goody bag.
4. Celebrate your progress with friends, family and coworkers.
5. Memorialize your adventure with photos/videos.