• Register
  • October 1 – April 1: entry open
  • March 1: team entry deadline (without late fee)
  • March 15: participant (up to 11) entry deadline (start times require paces)
  • April 1: late entry deadline (with late fee)
  • April 15: volunteer (2/team) entry deadline (see 5 below for exemptions)
  • April 15: start times, forms, RunWalk Book will post here.
  • May 2: Napa dinner/Event Weekend celebration/running physiology physician talk
  • May 3-4: run/walk or go virtual
  • Find a runner or walker on Facebook.
  • Run 190 miles (36 legs): 3 legs/runner (Napa start 9am-4pm) for teams faster than 31 hrs./190 miles (10 min./mile).
  • Run 160 miles (30 legs): 3 legs/runner in Van 2 (Napa Exch. 6 start 9am-4pm), 2 legs/runner in Van 1 for teams slower than 31 hrs./190 miles (10 min./mile). Van 1 runners may run a 3rd leg across the Golden Gate Bridge with the Leg 18 runner.
  • Run or Walk 125 miles (24 legs): 2 legs/runner or walker (Marin Exch. 12 start, walk 8am, run 3-5pm). On a team of 8, each runner or walker completes 3 legs.

The Adventure Begins

  1. Register before March 1 to avoid late fees. Returning captains must enter team name (even if unchanged) and update user data.
  2. Pay: one nonrefundable check to Golden Gate Relay or credit card ($50 PayPal fee added). After payment is processed, team will appear at Registered Teams. Confirmations are not sent.
    30/36 legs: $1560 ($1680 postmarked after March 1)
    24 legs: $1320 ($1440 after March 1).
  3. Up to 11 runners/walkers (by March 15) and 2 volunteers (by April 15) must select team from drop down list. Due to the waiver, captains registering teammates assume personal liability for registrants (unless optional Roster/Waiver with signatures is submitted at start).
  4. On the captain page, a captain may change division, delete a runner/walker/volunteer and view donations by check.
  5. Two volunteers, age 16 or older, must register by April 15 and fulfill a 4-5 hour shift or team will be disqualified. When filled, shifts disappear from the list. If you raise $1200/team for ORU or every runner/walker lives more than 50 miles from any part of the course, volunteers are not required.