Supporting 125,000 Americans waiting for organs – priceless.

  • Register
  • April 15: volunteer entry deadline (2/team required)
  • April 15: raise $1200/team for ORU to waive volunteer requirement.
  • First Fri. in May: volunteers invited to Napa Valley dinner

Volunteers make it happen

If any runner or walker lives within 50 miles of the course, two volunteers, age 16 or older, must register by April 15 and fulfill a 4-5 hour shift (thank you – even at 2 am – ouch!) or the team will be disqualified. Volunteers are welcome to participate without a team affiliation (extra thank you). Many GGR volunteers return for years.

Research indicates volunteering/serving others increases life satisfaction/happiness more than pleasure or accomplishment.
Spread happiness – bring your special talent to GGR.

Volunteer Registration Essentials

  • Register before April 15. Select your team from the drop down list (visible after entry fee is processed). Choose unaffiliated if not affiliated with a team (extra thank you).
  • Assignments are made as volunteers register. Shifts disappear when filled.
  • Volunteer assignments are listed by location with shift time.
    S = Start, CrossWalk Church, 2590 First St., Napa
    Exchanges 1-35, Course Map for address
    ColA-D = Canada College cafe, 4200 Farm Hill Blvd, Redwood City
    F = Finish, Shaffer Road at Delaware Ave., Santa Cruz
  • Volunteers may change a shift from shifts remaining in drop down list.
  • Optional: create a fundraising page to tell your team or volunteer story.

Volunteer choices/duties

Pre GGR (Wed pm, Redwood City): load trucks.
Start Set up (Fri, CrossWalk Church, 2590 First St., Napa): booths/banners/goody bags.
Start (Sat, Napa): staff booths/clean/load trucks.
Exchanges 1-35 (Sat, Napa to SF; Sun, SF to Santa Cruz): make it safe.
ColA-ColD (Sat evening to Sun morning, Canada College cafe): cook/serve/clean.
Finish (Sun, Santa Cruz): set up/staff booths/cook/serve/clean/load.
Post GGR (Mon, Redwood City): unload trucks, clean.

Exchange volunteers make it safe

  • Think safety (wear provided reflective vest). Expect distracted driving.
  • Require participants to stay off road and away from Exchange.
  • With no road closures, traffic control or aid stations, participants and drivers must obey the CA Vehicle Code. Volunteers may not direct traffic.
  • Record rule/safety violations on phone, view instructions.
  • Assist Active Vans (waiting for runner/walker) to exchange parking. Do not allow parking on road shoulders forcing participants into traffic.
  • Resting Vans (no active runners/walkers) may only park in Exchanges 6,12,18,24,30.
  • Request quiet at night near residential areas.
  • Clean Exchange. Encourage Trashing the Competition, Not the Course.
  • Be safe, make it fun, spread happiness by doing good things. Thank you.

Volunteer Comfort

  • Bring: hat, phone (for rule violations), snack, sunscreen, sunglasses, water
  • At night add: flashlight, hat (reduces glare of headlights), jacket
  • DO NOT BRING: Alcohol, Children, Headphones, Pets
  • Provided: reflective vest, cones (for Exchange), trash bags, potty or bathroom, thank you gift