Captain’s Checklist

  1. Register/pay team fee by March 1 to avoid late fees.
  2. Recruit (many use Course Poster):
    • participants (up to 12) to register by March 15.
    • 2 volunteers to register by April 15.
    • co-captain to assist with logistics/rentals/supplies.
    • drivers (optional, does not satisfy volunteer requirement).
    • sponsor (optional, to cover expenses) .
    • use matching (inspired two marriages!)/social media for dropouts.
  3. Review rules/safety and leg maps with team.
  4. Use Course Summary Table to assign Legs.
  5. Tell your team story on an Organs R Us fundraising page.
  6. Borrow or rent two vehicles.
  7. Secure lodging (optional) or sleep free/eat cheap Saturday night at Canada College cafe (Exch. 24).
  8. Confirm start time after April 15. Send em and $100 check ($200 after April 20) to request start time or change with team/start request on check. Adjusted starts post April 25.
  9. Event Weekend:
    • Arrive one hour before start.
    • Submit Registration form. Show required flashlights, rear blinking lights, reflective vests.
    • Competitive teams must submit Roster/Waiver and run in order submitted.
    • cCmpetitive submasters/masters teams must submit copy of 12 driver’s licenses.
    • captain or designee will receive 12 bibs, baton and goody bag.
  10. Submit completed Time Record at finish to receive medals.


Team Equipment – Required
2 flashlights/van, 2 rear blinking lights/van, required sunset to sunrise
2 reflective vests/van, required sunset to sunrise but recommended at all times
2 vehicles (12 passenger van OK); No buses/extra vehicles/limousines/RVs
Clipboard, watch, stopwatch for Time Record
Safety pins for bibs
Water/food/trash bags (no aid stations)

Do not bring alcohol, bicycles, children, drugs, headphones, pets.

Team Equipment – Recommended for each vehicle
2 signs “Caution-Runner/Walker On Road”; bring or purchase ($5 at Start)
Cooler/ice/First Aid kit
Batteries/markers/pens/paper/tape (if making vehicle signs)
Toilet paper/towels/cups

Runner/Walker Equipment – Recommended
Flashlight/rear blinking light/reflective vest required from sunset to sunrise
Foot care aids
Hat (reduces headlight glare), sunglasses/sunscreen
Personal care items
Plastic bags for wet clothes/icing/trash
Protective aids: pepper spray, whistle
Running shoes/shirts/shorts/socks
Sleeping bag/blanket/pillow
Warm clothing (may be cold/foggy at night)

Travel to San Francisco

SF airport to Marin Start – 60 miles, SF airport to Napa Start – 60 miles
Oakland airport to Napa Start – 50 miles
San Jose airport to Finish – 35 miles
Accommodations: Napa Valley (wineries/spas) Friday, sleep free/eat cheap at Canada College (Exchange 24) Saturday, Santa Cruz (ocean views/beaches) Sunday.