For volunteering through the year, thanks to…

GGR Organizers/Organs R Us Supporters (newcomers welcome!):
Mark Caro, emcee (since 1995)
Hang Cheng, programmer (since 2024)
Steve Chin, backend developer (since 1999)
Anne Hayden, food director (since 1996)
Frank Hayden, timing director (since 1996)
Elizabeth Iwamiya, GGR design (since 1998)
Robert Iwamiya, photographer (since 2001)
Ted Levine, Start/Finish manager (since 1996)
Lance Lew, NBC 11 (since 1996)
Madelyn Mara, registration (since 1995)
Bill Olsen, volunteer director (since 2011)
Peter Nantell, consultant (since 1996)
Craig Robinson, Google Maps (since 2010)
David Sheu, sales manager
Francis Schultz, Start/Finish manager (since 2015)
Matthew Slayter, course director (since 1995)
Andrew Stoddard, operations director (since 2004)

Course Directors
Josh Adams, Napa (since 2002)
Heather Adams, Napa (since 2002)
Dave Wibblesman, Napa (since 1999)
Shelley Slayter, Sonoma (since 1998)
Gary Sello, Marin (since 1996)
Dean Tsou, Marin (since 1998)
Mark Dietrich, San Francisco (since 1996)
David Dippon, San Mateo (since 2009)
Charles Henry, San Mateo (since 2006)
Troy Tossy, Santa Clara (since 1995)
, Santa Cruz (since )

Exchange Directors
Angelo Sposeto, Start (since 2010)
Chief Gary Green, Exchanges 1-2 (since 2018)
Captain Ken Oeveren, Exchange 3 (since 2018)
Karen Crouse, Exchange 5 (since 2018)
Kay Eardley, Exchange 6 (since 1996)
Ron Lawson, Exchange 9 (since 2010)
Peter Cooke, Exchange 11 (since 2000)
Cheri Katen, Exchange 12 (since 1995)
Jerry Foster, Exchange 12 (since 2000)
Rich Behrens, Exchange 14 (since 1995)
Mammen Jacob, Exchange 30 (since 2000)

Web Design Team 2018
Steve Chin, TJ Dalhke, Eliabeth Iwamiya, Craig Robinson, Nic Shelton, Fred Zhao

Amateur Radio Operators
for providing communications through 7 counties while honing their skills for a natural disaster.

Hundreds of volunteers demonstrating the magic of teamwork during GGR week.

To 30 sponsors, 36 cities, 7 counties, Caltrans (Julie Hsu), Golden Gate Bridge (David Rivera), National Park Service (Noemi Robinson), Presidio Trust (Steve Overman), Castle Rock State Park (Scott Sites) and 40 California Highway Patrol, Sheriff and Police departments, thank you for “permitting” us through your neighborhoods during a little run/walk from Napa Valley to Santa Cruz.