Event Weekend

Friday, May 5

Napa Valley Dinner 6 pm, GGR stories/Performance Nutrition with Dr. Jeff at CrossWalk Church (Napa Start). Reservations before April 29, 707.226.1812.

Saturday, May 6

Napa Start/Expo (9 am–4 pm) CrossWalk Church, 2590 First St., Napa
features exhibitors, food, music and view of the mountains.
Merchandise: blinking lights, flashlights, hats, reflective vests, shirts, sweatshirts, CAUTION Runner/Walker on Road signs may be purchased.
Marin Start (8 am Walk, 2-5 pm Run) Marin French Cheese, 7510 Pt. Reyes Petaluma Rd., Novato
Safety items and Caution signs available by ordering before April 15. Clothing available at finish.

Check-in Essentials to receive baton, bibs (add medic alert info), shirts, van numbers:

  • Arrive one hour before start time. Second van (Van 1 for 30 leg teams) may skip start.
  • Submit completed Registration (all teams) and Roster/Waiver forms (competitive teams).
  • Show 2 flashlights/2 rear flashing lights/2 reflective vests (required sunset to sunrise).
  • Submit copy of each participant’s driver license (competitive submasters/masters).
  • Organs R Us donations (thank you) may be submitted at Registration.
  • Verify 2 vehicles (no buses/extra vehicles/limousines/RVs) with team number (provided) on front/rear windows. (Optional rear Caution Runner/Walker on Road signs available for $5).
  • Verify volunteers (2/team required).

Sunday, May 7

Victory Party/Expo (10 am–7 pm) Delaware Ave. at Shaffer Rd., Santa Cruz (park free on Delaware)
Cheer finishing teams with food, music and view of Pacific Ocean.

  • Lunch (12–6 pm) Alaskan Brewing Co beer, Marin French cheese, Erik’s DeliCafe, Gourmet Foods, Restaurant Depot, Watsonville Coast Produce, Ghirardelli chocolate.
  • Merchandise: hats, jackets, medals, shirts, sweatshirts may be purchased.
  • Medals: received after submitting completed Team Time Records at Medals Booth. Medals will not be mailed. Extra medals may be purchased. Disqualified teams will not receive medals.
  • Results post as teams finish (finalized by Wed). Masters/submasters qualify as winners only if a copy of each runner’s/walker’s driver license was submitted.
  • Hospitality Tents available for corporate celebrations. Reservations, 650.508.9700.
  • Ideal Bar & Grill dancing till midnight, 106 Beach St., Santa Cruz. Reservations, 831.423.5271.