Team Equipment – Required
2 flashlights/van with extra batteries; required sunset to sunrise
2 rear flashing lights/van; required sunset to sunrise
2 reflective vests/van, required sunset to sunrise and recommended at all times
2 signs “Caution-Runner/Walker On Road” (>17×22″); bring/purchase ($5 at Start)
2 vehicles (up to 12 passenger van); No buses/extra vehicles/limousines or RVs
Clipboard for Team Time Record
Safety pins for bibs
Trash bags
Vehicle registration and insurance as required by the CA Vehicle Code
Watch/stopwatch for clipboard with Team Time Record
Water/food (no aid stations)

Do not bring alcohol, bicycles, children, headphones, pets.

Team Equipment – Recommended for each vehicle
Cooler/ice/First Aid kit
Tape for vehicle signs
Toilet paper/towels/cups

Runner/Walker Equipment – Recommended
Camera for photos/videos
Cash/credit card
Driver license, required for submasters/masters competitive teams
Flashlight and rear flashing light, required from sunset to sunrise
Flashing light, required on back from sunset to sunrise
Foot care aids
Hat/visor (for protection from sun and headlight glare)
Plastic bags for wet clothes, icing, trash
Protective aids: pepper spray, whistle
Reflective vest, required sunset to sunrise (avoids wearing sweaty vests)
Running shoes/shirts/shorts/socks
Shampoo/soap/toothbrush/toothpaste/toilet paper/towel (sundries)
Sleeping bag/blanket/pillow (optional)
Warm clothing (may be cold/foggy at night)